"The Physicalization of Design" in "Berlin Design Digest" published by Slanted

"Berlin Design Digest" is a book that presents the Berlin design scene and its view on the global issues. Sebastian Brunner was invited to contribute an article and posed the question, how the physicalization of the digital sphere will change the way designers work in the future. Comparing to his previous text in the New Business Magazine, this one focuses more on macro economic facets such as Jeremy Rifkin's "Zero Marginal Cost Society". Sebastian has invited Laura Champion, Harvard graduate of social anthropology as co-author and expert on the topic of blockchain.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is leaving the confines of cyberspace and moving into physical reality. In a new creative economy, designers will share their ideas via decentralized global networks based on open-source, creative commons and blockchain technologies. They will become manufacturers, using 3D printers to produce smart and connected physical goods in their local environment.