Berliner Sparkasse / Retail Design Pitch & Implementation

Sebastian Brunner at Strategy & Space in cooperation with blocher partners

The Berliner Sparkasse is creating a retail environment for the digitalization of its business model. The concept of blocher partners architects and Strategy & Space is applying the principles of user experience design to the physical space. This user centric approach allows the seamless integration of the digital and the physical customer experience. The retail outlets become "Kiez" neighborhood community meeting places for digital, financial and social inclusion.

The design aims to generate a more casual, private and cooperative interaction between the consultant and the customers. Therefore an innovative consulting table and work pool set up was created. A digital customer guidance system eliminates waiting lines and allows more efficiency. Tablets and free WiFi enable employees to go through a digital onboarding process with clients that are less familiar with online services. The "Kiez Lounge" welcome area provides news about the neighborhood, voluntary initiatives can use the space for meetings, local enterprises can present themselves and events can be held here. 

In a partnership with blocher partners architects, Strategy & Space won the idea, design and reconstruction pitch for the Berliner Sparkasse retail outlets. During the pitch and the subsequent assignment by the Berliner Sparkasse, Strategy & Space has developed the strategic concept and customer journey design. In addition to that, Strategy & Space was responsible for user research, mock-up tests and the moderation of co-creative workshops with retail staff, customers, management and design team.  

The concept was implemented at Alexanderplatz in 2018 and Karl-Marx Straße in 2017. The Berliner Sparkasse invested approximately 3 Mio. euros into the redesign of the outlet Alexanderplatz with its 1200 sqm and 50 employees. The reconstruction of more retail outlets is planned.

The Berliner Sparkasse was founded in 1818, has almost 2 Million clients, about 22 Bln EURs in deposits and 214 retail outlets. 

Year: Since 2016


UK Pavillion UK 2020 / Design Pitch

Sebastian Brunner at Avantgarde

© Es Devlin

© Es Devlin

Avantgarde cooperated with Es Devlin on the competition of the pavilion for the UK Government at the Expo 2020 in Dubai. Sebastian Brunner was hired as a freelancer by Avantgarde. The role of Sebastian was the development of a strategic brief, exhibition content and a visitor journey design. The theme of the “Poem Pavilion” design by Es Devlin, is based on the “Breakthrough Message” project of Stephen Hawking. AI technology will be used to creating a collaborative “message to space” from the participating visitors. The UK sees in „New Space“ an important future industry.  If there is extraterrestrial life, humankind has to develop a common language to communicate. The UK Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai will be conceived by award-winning designer Es Devlin OBE and produced by global brand experience agency Avantgarde.

LaGeSo Berlin / User Experience Design for the Registration of Refugees

Sebastian Brunner and Dominika Brunner at Strategy & Space in cooperation with McKinsey & Company

© Dominika Brunner

© Dominika Brunner

In commission of the president of the Landesamt of Gesundheit und Soziales, Berlin (LaGeSo), Sebastian Brunner conducted an ethnografical research and the design of a refugee journey map. Sebastian gained deep insight by accompanying refugee families through the registration user experience. He also interviewed employees of the LeGeSo and the Police. As a result the touchpoints and painpoints of the registration process were displayed from the perspective of a refugee. Based on these insights, Sebastian developed pragmatic solutions for the LaGeSo and the Berlin Police. The project was planned in cooperation with McKinsey & Company.

Year: 2015

Mercedes-Benz / Strategic Communication Consulting

Sebastian Brunner at Diverse Agencies

As employee and freelancer within different agencies, Sebastian Brunner has consulted the Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz as a strategic lead. He developed comprehensive strategic and communications concepts. Creating innovative prototypical and visionary formats was at the core of the collaboration. Amongst other innovation topics, Sebastian helped Mercedes Benz to go beyond the point of sale and to design a point of experience. This included customer journey mapping and the conception of mayor touchpoints between the brand and the customer. 

FIFA World Football Museum in Zürich / Museum Design

Sebastian Brunner at Triad Berlin


Triad Berlin has designed a museum that serves as a vibrant meeting place for the global football family in Zürich's Enge district. The Museum is based on the strategic idea of "global encounters". This refers to the philosophy of the FIFA. The organization is not only staging competitive sporting events, but is also creating a social platform for bringing together people from around the whole world into one central live experience.

The FIFA Museum uses an interactive and multimedia-based approach to show how the ball game has always inspired people. As a participatory museum, visitor can be an active creative contributor, exhibiting his or her own thoughts, feelings and memories connected with Football. 

As strategy lead, Sebastian was part of the team at Triad that won the pitch. He is the author of the guiding idea of the museum „Global Encounter”.

Dominika Brunner as interior architect and scenographer was part of the design team.

Year: 2013-2015

Hoerbiger HQ in Vienna / Brand Showroom 

Sebastian Brunner @ Triad Berlin

In close collaboration with the client's communication experts, Triad designed and implemented a 600 m2 multi-functional and completely unique type of forum at a new location of Hoerbiger Holding in Aspern, Vienna. 

The versatile room is the first point of contact for clients, a meeting place for employees, a showroom and brand space. The HOERBIGER forum consolidates the past, the present, and the future of the international technology company into a unique multimedia experience. In the center of the room is the HOERBIGER beacon light pulsating in red and blue, which serves as a symbol for the activity and creativity of the employees. The radiance of the LED panel corresponds to actual traffic in the data networks.

The 26 revolving columns that form the architectural framework of the room are also its defining design element. They make up a unique kinetic sculpture that comes to life with a finely tuned interaction of movement and media staging. 

Sebastian Brunner as strategic director of Triad Berlin contributed to the project as the strategic pitch lead. 

Year: 2013-2014

Pringles by Procter & Gamble / EMEA Account Planning

Sebastian Brunner @ Grey Düsseldorf 

Sebastian Brunner has worked as a strategic planner on the P&G advertising account of Pringles at Grey Düsseldorf. He was involved in implementing a new brand purpose of Pringles in the EMEA region and the development of a social media strategy.

At Grey Sebastian became an expert in food advertising and branding. He was the author of the trend study "Grey Good Mood Food". Sebastian was also responsible for the account planning of Golden Toast, Toppits, Yakult, Lenor, Dash and REWE.

Year: 2008-2010